Fantasy Springs early opening review!

Fantasy Springs early opening review!

We were one of the lucky ones who got to experience Fantasy Springs today!

Article & Photo by Tokyo Disneyland holiday planning group member Amanda Miyahara

Today was our first park day. We’re staying at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel so we got Happy Entry. I’ll detail out our Fantasy Springs-filled day (sorry, long post warning).

We left the hotel at 7:45 am and got to Disney Sea around 8 am and were close to the front. Around 8:15 am, Cast Members started announcing that Fantasy Springs is open and we’ll need a Standby Pass to go on any of the rides. I made sure my family’s tickets were scanned into the app so I could book a Standby Pass as soon as we scanned into the park.

We were let into the park at 8:45 am and I immediately booked a Standby Pass for the Rapunzel ride with a return time of 8:50-9:50 am. It took like 10 min to get to Fantasy Springs because it’s way at the back of the park. To our delight, all guests were allowed into Fantasy Springs, you didn’t have to show proof that you had a Standby Pass to enter. They were also not offering DPA for any of the rides today, Standby Passes only.

The Rapunzel ride was a walk-on and was such a cute ride! As soon as we scanned in, I booked another Standby Pass for the Tinkerbell ride with a return time of 9:15-10:15 am. This ride was also a walk-on. Cute ride but don’t need to ride it again. I then immediately booked another Standby Pass for the Frozen ride with a return time of 1-2 pm. The Peter Pan flight was temporarily closed from park opening.

We then spent the next 2 hrs exploring and taking pictures. There were a lot of people but it didn’t feel crowded. It was easy to take pictures of everything. We walked over to the Fantasy Springs merch store next to the hotel and noticed that most (if not all?) of the merch wasn’t available for sale until 5/28.

At 11:30 am (2 hrs after I booked my Standby Pass for Frozen), I booked another Standby Pass for the Peter Pan ride with a return time of 3:45-4:45 pm.

We came back at 1:30 pm to go on the Frozen ride and wow, Fantasy Springs was a madhouse! Long lines for everything, even taking pictures! The Frozen ride had a wait time of 130 min and the Rapunzel ride had a wait time of 80 min. We opted to not ride the Frozen ride because we didn’t want to wait in the hot sun for 2 hrs.

We ended up missing our Peter Pan return time but to our delight, it went down some time during our return time and we got a multi-experience pass to use anytime for the rest of the day. The app told us what rides we could redeem it for and it could even be redeemed for the DPA rides (Journey to the Center of the Earth, Toy Story Mania, and Soarin’). We were able to check the wait times in the app and Peter Pan showed a 30 min wait. We probably only waited 10 min. This ride is a 3D ride and I had to take the glasses off a couple of times to avoid getting motion sickness. Overall, a great ride too.

We didn’t eat at any of the restaurants but they had mobile order and time slots booked up quickly.

I wish we could have seen Fantasy Springs lit up at night but we didn’t have the energy to make it back there for a 4th time. All in all, today was amazing and feel free to ask any questions!

Article and Photos by Tokyo Disneyland holiday planning group member Amanda Miyahara


  1. Avatar Marcus Barber

    Is it worth flying all the way from the USA for Disneyland Tokyo, Disney Seas and FS?

    • Well a lot of people do think so and I agree with them. I love the US Disney parks, don’t get me wrong, but Tokyo Disney has a lot of unique features to offer -and Fantasy Springs is just the Cherry on top. There’s quite a few Americans in the Tokyo Disneyland Holiday Planning Facebook group – it might be worth a look. It’s a public group so you don’t have to join:

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