First Fantasy Springs store merchandise viewing today!

First Fantasy Springs store merchandise viewing today!

Tate Hollis of our Facebook group was one of the lucky Disney Sea Guests allowed to enter the secrecy-shrouded new world of Fantasy Springs today at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Just look at this amazing collection of Fantasy Springs souvenirs and merchandise she photographed when given access to the shop today! New Disney Fantasy Springs Ears, Ride miniatures, plushies – just gorgeous!

Unfortunately the merchandise seems to still be under embargo, at least at one store visitors were not allowed to purchase the items, however it’s reported that at other times people have been allowed to purchase the new merchandise but are limited to three Fantasy Springs labelled items.

According to the official website, Fantasy Springs souvenirs are to officially be on sale from the 28th of May. The official Fantasy Springs opening date is June 6 2024. No doubt guests will need to secure standby passes to access the stores inside Fantasy Springs, including the new Fantasy Springs Hotel gift shop.

Until then we may all have to look – but not touch!

Exciting new Fantasy Springs shop merchandise pics

Fantasy Springs merch! We could look but not touch or purchase. Other photos are of the store – Tate Hollis

Photos by Tokyo Disneyland holiday planning group member Tate Hollis


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