How do you pre-load your credit card into the Tokyo Disney Resort App?

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A step-by-step guide

Step by step guide on how to add a credit card to your Disney App.

By a Tokyo Disneyland holiday planning group member.

I learned this from someone who had figured it out and thought maybe good to share here to help even more people as it had helped me.

Having pre adding your card, you’re all set to buy your DPA passes the second you get in the park.

1. First you can only do it from the Tokyo Disney Resort Website on browser, NOT the App. (I did mine on desktop/laptop as i tried on my phone browser and failed)

(Click on “Reservations & Tickets in the right hand corner – circled in red here)

2. Login/Register your account

3. From the home page click “My Booking”

4. Under My Bookings, click “see here”

5. Click on “Menu” on the upper right hand corner and you’ll see a drop down menu to add a card.

I managed to set mine up before my trip and it was helpful as all I needed to do is to wait for my otp to send my payment and I am good to go ๐Ÿ˜Š

My partner and I both set our own credit cards into our own disney account but strangely, when checkout on his account it uses my credit card instead. We have no idea why because I clearly loaded his card in his account in case mine had trouble getting otp, we can always rely on his phone to receive his otp.

Otp didn’t come in until i restart my phone, so, you all probably have to restart your phones as well if otp don’t come in after waiting abit.

Happy booking your dpa or do mobile orders in park everyone!


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