Tokyo Disney Fantasy Springs Vacation Packages – are they worth it?

Tokyo Disney Fantasy Springs Vacation Packages – are they worth it?

Here is a collection of our Tokyo Disneyland Holiday Planning Facebook group member vacation package thoughts and experiences to help you decide if a vacation package is worth the extra expense.

The Tokyo Disney VP advantages…

Easier to book than single room bookings – if you are having trouble or worried you can’t book the hotel/dates you want – because Vacation Packages are available a month earlier and have less competition (due to the cost or inflexibility)

Fantasy Springs named vacation packages (can be other Tokyo Disney hotels) guarantees you access to Fantasy Springs and comes with attraction tickets/access to all 4 of the ride attractions in Fantasy Springs.

You get to organise multiple park fast passes in advance – some are open times rather than specified time windows.

Breakfast on the second day is included.

Other restaurant bookings are not compulsory and the VP price may reduce if you don’t include them.

(- Attractions and more includes breakfast and offers you restaurants you don’t have to book but includes them in the estimated price (which reduces if you choose none)
– Attractions includes breakfast and doesn’t offer any restaurant bookings)

You get unlimited drinks around the parks (specified beverages – not available with mobile orders so you have to wait in line for those)

and possibly some small, unique souvenirs etc.

You also get a free VP souvenir soft popcorn case which holds 2 boxes of popcorn and a voucher for a free box of popcorn (but not from Big Pop)

You get to book the hard to get, best Disney hotel restaurants in advance of all other hotel guests and the general public.

Tokyo Disney Vacation Package disadvantages…

Money-wise it is significantly overpriced if you were to cost everything out.
Example: $800-1000AUD extra for a 2 day, one night package at the Toy Story hotel for a family of 3.

You need to pay extra for any restaurants you book in the Vacation Package other than breakfast.

No Happy Entry on day one (because night one is after a park day and not before). Happy Entry must always be from the night after hotel check in.

You must pay the full amount up front vs a down payment for a room only reservation.

Your free cancellation period is shorter than booking rooms singly.
Single room booking free cancellation period is 14 days (incrementally increase chance fees from then)
Vacation Package booking free cancellation period is 21 days (incrementally increase chance fees from then)

The English website version doesn’t include reserved seating for park shows like the Japanese website version does.

It is inflexible- you can’t change the order or number of your park days (have to completely cancel and start again to move dates) or add on hotel days (you need to make a separate booking and email them to see if it’s possible to combine the bookings – you may still need to move rooms)

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