Tokyo Disneyland Evening Ticket itinerary

Tokyo Disney Resort Toon Town at night
Tokyo Disney Resort Toon Town at night

A Tokyo Disneyland holiday planning group member 1.5 day itinerary experience

Hi all. Just posting our Disneyland experience to help give others an idea on what is achievable! This is from this week.

Tokyo Disneyland at night
Tokyo Disneyland evening tickets can give you a head-start on your visit

Tokyo Disney Resort Day 1 – evening park pass

Monday night pass 5pm – 9pm

Pirates of the Caribbean

Peter Pans Flight

The Adventures of Snow White

Haunted Mansion

Dumbo flying elephant

Dinner at Tomorrow Land (burgers not great 👎🏻)

Purchased popcorn bucket from Big Pop

Purchased Minnie Ears (right on park closure)

The Tokyo Disneyland Big Pop popcorn store
The Tokyo Disneyland Big Pop popcorn store

Tokyo Disney Resort Day 2 – full day park pass

Tuesday – Happy hour entry at 8.45 lined up at 7.30

Rope dropped – Buzz Lightyear and Baymax

DPA – Beauty and the Beast, Splash Mountain, Electrical Parade (got front row)

40th Anniversary- Space Mountain, Monsters Inc, Star Tours (very impressed with this attraction!!)

General – Mickey’s Philharmagic, Alice Tea Party, it’s a small world, castle carousel, Cinderella Fairytale Hall, Gadgets Go Coaster, Pinocchios Daring Adventure

Purchased more ears, lots more serves of popcorn, churros, coffee, pizza for lunch.

Left at 8pm dragging out 10 year old who wanted to keep going until 9pm again but we were exhausted and cold and done 🤣

Early entry was key to being able to get all the DPA and 40th passes as you get to book your second and third sooner than those with standard entry time, 40th were no longer available from 12, also having done Haunted Mansion on Monday night helped us tick them all off.

The Monster's Inc ride at Tokyo Disneyland
The Monster’s Inc ride at Tokyo Disneyland

We had a lunch reservation but ended up grabbing pizza instead as was just easier to grab when we got hungry rather than waiting for our time slot.

Make sure someone else in your group has the app set up, my internet stopped working as soon as we got in (panic stations) so hubby had to book passes on his phone!

This was similar to our experience. The “lesser” rides the OP listed were almost walkons, but we couldn’t do any of the big rides with the evening pass – DPA was long since sold out and most lines were 2-3 hours+. And some of the attractions wouldn’t even let standby people enter the queue

Other group member

Good luck and have fun!

By a Tokyo Disneyland holiday planning group member

Photos: Barbara Bryan,


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