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Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland holiday planning group member Lauren Silverstein shares their family’s trip

We have just returned from our trip to Shanghai and wanted to give back some information to help others.

We are a family of five

From Melbourne Australia

Three children aged 14, 14 and 11

We stayed at Disney resort

We stayed at Disney resort which was great location.

See hotels nearby Shanghai Disneyland here

The ferry home was for to door and fantastic. As part of being a guest you are allowed free travel on the bus to Disney all day or ferry (after 10 or 11am)

We purchased tickets both ways.

First way was a Disney dream package including concierge. Concierge meaning- fast past for most rides. Single use only. Not multiple.

It also included reserve viewing of Mickey express show which was a 15 minute street parade and wonderful.

It also include the momentous light show reserve seating. Which was by far spectacular.

We chose package classic as it suited our childrens age for rides and also chose package B which was for the late shows.

3.30 parade and 9pm light show.

We booked this package via the website a week earlier just to secure a great package.

This package was fabulous however we also planned to go another day and just take our time.

For this reason we purchased tickets from the resort.

Staying at the Shanghai Disney Resort gives you early entry

Normal admission tickets. Cheap and with staying at the resort we automatically got early entry. They also gave us one fast past for one ride of a choice of six or so rides. We used it on tron ride as it was our children’s favourite.

Wholes there on the day with general admission the lines got long and the wait wasn’t worth it. So we purchased on the day within the park a fast pass for six rides that suited our children’s age.

It proved very handy and worth the money.

Shanghai Disneyland individual fast passes

I purchased whilst in the park on the app and it was super easy. You can also purchase individual fast passes for rides. Aim for $30 Australian a ride if you choose this idea.

All in all a fabulous trip. We could have done it in one day with fast passes and early entry helps to get an extra ride on that you love. Tron was 10 min wait at the beginning of the day. 1.5 hours in the middle of the day.

As for using the app- we had no trouble once we had access. Staff help. However you do need to receive a text to get the wifi working. This proved tricky when none of us had access and we all were relying on wifi. So a kind working offered to use there phone number to receive the access code and I typed in there phone number and code they had recieved. Once I was in on my phone I used the same code for the rest of the family.

Hope everyone has a magical time visiting like we did.

And I hope this can help others with their journey planning.

Written and photos supplied by Shanghai Disneyland holiday planning group member Lauren Silverstein

All prices and facts mentioned in this review were correct as at May 2023. Please always re-check official websites for current prices.

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